Raoul Dufy 'La Terrasse à Vallauris', 1927
The ruins of the donjon, Montfort-l'Amaury
Henri Matisse ‘The Sea Seen from Collioure’ 1906

The Firm Concert Archive: Season 2018

Posthumous Composer in Residence: Maurice Ravel

Between 1996 and 2018, the Firm presented a total of 121 concerts with more than 700 works, including 305 first performances, by 111 different composers and featuring 105 performers.

*First performance

Concert 1: Jul 2nd 2018

Maurice RavelPavanne pour une infante défunteMark Sandonpiano
Maurice RavelFive Greek SongsBethany Hillsoprano
Quentin GrantFour Celan Songs
Henri DuparcIn your heart moonlight lies dormant
Raymond Chapman SmithSilver-wing*
Henri DuparcTo the country where war is waged
Anne CawrseA Woman's Song*
George BizetLa Tarrantelle

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Concert 2: Aug 13th 2018

Raymond Chapman SmithSerenata*The Benaud Triowith
Maurice RavelMa Mere l'OyeBenjamin Martinpiano
Luke AltmannHoly Fools*
Jakub JankowskiPiano Trio no. 2*

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Concert 3: Sep 17th 2018

Alexander BorodinIn a Monastery, from Petit SuiteKonstantin Shamraypiano
Maurice RavelLa vallée des cloches ('Miroirs')
Franz LisztGlockenspiel
'Angelus' from 'Annees de pelegrinage'
George EnescuChoral and Carillon Nocturne from Suite no. 3, op. 18
Alexander ScriabinNinth Sonata, op. 68 ('Black Mass')
Claude DebussyCloches à travers les feuilles ('Images', book 2)
Olivier MessiaenPrelude 'Cloches d'angoisses et larmes d'adieu'
Alexander ScriabinSeventh Sonata, op. 64 ('White Mass')

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Concert 4: Dec 3rd 2018

Anne CawrseThe Red Buoy*Michael Ieracepiano
Raymond Chapman SmithLa chute des étoiles*
David John Langfrom 'The Wedding Album'*
Quentin GrantZircusvolk (2016)
Maurice RavelGaspard de la Nuit

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