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The Firm Concert Archive: Season 1996

Since 1996, the Firm has presented a total of 139 concerts with more than 850 works, including 350 first performances, by 128 different composers and featuring 121 performers.

* First performance

Concert 1: May 27th 1996

Raymond Chapman SmithThree Trios*Margaret Bladesviolin
Quentin GrantString Trio No. 2*Juris Ezergailisviola
David KotlowyEmpyrial Traces*Jaqueline Curielcello
John PolglaseSolo Viola*Steven Peterkapercussion

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Concert 2: Jul 15th 1996

Raymond Chapman SmithEight Preludes for Piano*Gabriella Smartpiano
Raymond Chapman SmithAbglanzbeladen*Anna Goldsworthypiano
Quentin GrantPavese Songs*Tessa Millersoprano
Quentin GrantTorn Flight*Margaret Bladesviolin
David KotlowyTwo Songs*

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Concert 3: Sep 1996

Raymond Chapman SmithPiano Trio*David Lockettpiano
Quentin GrantMeditations and Ecstasies*Margaret Bladesviolin
David KotlowyChromatic Traces*Janis Laurscello

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Concert 4: Dec 15th 1996

Quentin GrantString Quartet 1*Michael Miltonviolin
Raymond Chapman SmithString Quartet*Hilary Bruer-Jonesviolin
David Kotlowyx patterns*Juris Ezergailisviola
John PolglaseThree Pieces for String Quartet*Jaqueline Curielcello

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