Mödling / Karl Gruber / CC BY-SA 3.0
Mödling Town Hall 1842, Rudolf von Alt
View to Mödling 1848, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

Langbein String Quartet

The Langbein String Quartet was established by the Firm in 2000 in recognition of the late Brenton Langbein, violinist of international repute, friend and mentor to many South Australian composers and musicians, and a composer whose works are just beginning to be appreciated. Establishing and continuing this ensemble is also an acknowledgement of the leading players from the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra with whom the Firm has been privileged to work. Since 2000, the Langbein String Quartet has performed in 21 Firm concerts.

The Players of the Quartet

2002 – present:

Michael Milton, 1st violin (Lachlan Bramble, Graeme Norris, each one concert);

Hilary Bruer, Minas Berberyan, Lachlan Bramble, Michael Milton, Margaret Blades, Belinda Gehlert, Emma Perkins, Christopher Moore, 2nd violin;

Rosi McGowan, viola; David Sharp, cello.

2000 – 2002:

Nicholas Milton, 1st violin; Michael Milton, 2nd violin;

Juris Ezergailis, viola; Sarah Denbigh, cello.


Marienbad, ca. 1855

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Baden-Baden, ca. 1900
Ferdinandstrasse, Marienbad, ca. 1900
Marienbad Park, ca. 1900