Steinernes Meer
BeethovenHaus in Gneixendorf / Bauer Karl / CC BY-SA 3.0
Lake Caress, Italian Alps

The Firm Concert Archive: Season 2015

Posthumous Composer in Residence: Johannes Brahms

Between 1996 and 2015, the Firm has presented a total of 110 concerts with more than 600 works, including 282 first performances, by 94 different composers and featuring 97 performers.

*First performance

Concert 1: July 6th 2015

Johannes BrahmsThree Hungarian DancesMarianna Grynchukpiano
Raymond Chapman SmithIschlklavier*
Quentin GrantEssays and Meditations
Johannes BrahmsVier Klavierstücke Op. 119

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Concert 2: Sep 21st 2015

Arvo PärtSpiegel im SpiegelAshley Hribarpiano
Raymond Chapman SmithVorgesänge*Rachel Johnstoncello
Quentin GrantNocturne in C# minor*
Johannes BrahmsSonata in E minor, Op. 38

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Concert 3: Oct 5th 2015

Johannes Brahms5 Chorale Preludes from Op.122Langbein String Quartet
Jakub JankowskiInvocation*Michael Miltonviolin
Raymond Chapman SmithDivertimento no. 6*Emma Perkinsviolin
Quentin GrantOceans*Rosi McGowranviola
Johannes BrahmsGypsy Rondo from Piano Quartet Op. 25David Sharp

  Mekhla Kumarpiano

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Concert 4: Nov 2nd 2015

Antonin DvorákSix Moravian Duets Op. 32Marianna Grynchukpiano
Quentin GrantWinter Songs*Emma Horwoodsoprano
Johannes BrahmsFour Duets, Op. 61Alexandra Bollardsoprano
Ignaz BrüllFour Duets, Op. 74 and 75
Johannes BrahmsTwo songs, Op. 95 no. 6
and Op. 85 no. 3
Johannes BrahmsTwo Duets Op. 66
Raymond Chapman SmithLittle Book of Songs*

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